Doing Masons The Right Way

Doing Masons The Right Way

Different Types of Masonry Repair

Although masonry repair is very important, most home owners neglect it for fear that it will be a costly one. Masonry is the structure that is built using mortar such as brick, block, stucco, stone, and others. It is usually natural disasters or structural issues that cause damages to masonry in our home. Cracks will be visible on your exterior wall of your masonry exterior if you have a major structural issues. In order to confirm if there is structural damage in your home, then you should contact a structural engineer. Structural engineers usually charge hundreds of dollars in fees depending on your home size and location.

New or old bricks homes usually have different types of brick repairs needed. Hairline cracks, broken bricks, cracked, mortar, and separation of bricks are the usual signs that indicate the need for brick repair. A structural engineer is needful since these involve structural issues. The structural engineer will determine if your home has foundation issues. If it is confirmed that your home has settling issues, then piers are needed to be set. Piers are needed when your foundation settles, cracks, or separates in order to raise and level your home structure. After installing the piers, brick repair can start with the help of a masonry contractor.

Masons find stone repairs more challenging than brick repair. Since natural stone is sturdier than brick, it is not easy to damage it. It is important to plan to repair natural stone damage since the consequences can be more serious. Similar to brick, you know that you stone wall has damage if you see hairline cracks, cracked stones, cracked mortar, and separation of the stone wall.

Cracked blocks, hairline cracks or any type of departure indicates damage in a block wall, which are not really common in most parts of the United States. Damages in your block walls should be fixed at once if you don’t want further damage. The different between block material and stone and brick is that blocks hold a lot of weight and are used to support an existing structure. You should fix damages in the block walls since this can lead to greater problems if not done so.

One materials that is common is some parts of the country is stucco. You can find contractors that specialize on stucco. Since stucco do not support any type of structure, repairs are not as dangerous as brick, stone, or block repairs. Cracks on exterior walls is a sign that there is a need of stucco repair.

Any kind of masonry repair for the home needs a professional mason. If you are looking for a masonry contractor, make sure they are qualified for your type of repair and always ask for warranty information.

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