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Procedures for Preparing Your Yard for Farming. Setting up the garden for farming usually takes time and efforts. Land upgrading is the extra activities done above the normal cultivation and planting tasks. There are other activities that as a farmer you should do to make the plant’s environment more conducive for growth. Features that can be added to the garden to make it more conducive includes. Development of a concrete curb border. This is the task of constructing a wall to surround the garden area. One of the most effective material to build the semi wall is concrete. The concrete curb edge separates the garden area from the walking area; therefore your plants will not be walked all over. The concrete curb also is useful in preventing both owner’s dogs and stray dogs from getting inside the garden. On top[ of walking all over you plants, dog also hide bones on the ground, and the process will uproot your plants. The garden wall is designed to have a gate that the farmer opens to get inside the farm and closes when not using the farm. Concrete curb also improve the general appearance of the firm and show your commitment to the garden. Yard grading is also an essential task to be undertaken on a farm. Landscaping involves sloping of the water drainage tunnels and leveling the garden area. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate the even distribution of rainfall water and other water to the land. Also it is important to have several drainage systems on the garden, which allow efficient flow of excessive water. Stagnant water is not only bad for the garden but also is a breeding area for mosquitos.
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Irrigation of the plants is also important to the farm. One of the requirements for seed germination is water. Farmers should therefore not only depend on rainfall water as sometimes it takes very long without raining. Therefore the farmer can acquire various irrigation equipment and install them on strategic points of the garden. Farmers should acquire basic training on the irrigation techniques used and select the technique that is suitable to their land area. Farmers should acquire irrigation equipment that distributes sufficient water to all seedlings in the garden.
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Some of the tasks the farmer can do by themselves such as levelling of the garden. While other functions the farmer will have to hire an expert such as installation of irrigation equipment. Farmers participate in the task of upgrading the garden being done by an expert.