A Simple Plan: Events

A Simple Plan: Events

A Guide to Campfire Cooking

For those that are planning on going for camping trips and worry about the foods they need to carry then worry no more. From this article you will find recipes for yummy treats that are easily prepared on campfires mostly if it is a kid camp. Read the recipes below to get ideas on what you can make during camps.

Banana Boats are snacks prepared by campers, what you need to do is cut a banana across. After splitting the banana, spread some tiny bits of marshmallow and chocolate crumbles. Cover in a foil paper and place it over a fire or hot coal to allow the chocolate and marshmallows melt. Enjoy the delicacy as you desire, preferably while still warm.

Also preparing a minute pizza is another possible option. Buy English muffins from the store and cut them across. Smear pizza sauce on the split area, add mozzarella cheese and place pepperoni slices on the top. After going through this procedure, place the pizza on a grill and let them cook. Put a cover over the pizza to get heat all round even at the top. They can also be baked in a Dutch oven.
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S’mores are every kid favorite not only kids as a matter of fact but also adults do enjoy them very much. This has to be the simplest recipe to prepare. Basically, get a packet of marshmallows share them among the campers, get a fire burning, stick your marshmallows on sticks and place them over the fire after this splash some melted chocolate on it and put it on a sandwich then eat them.
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How to prepare cheese hot dogs. You cut the hot dogs from end to end and place them on a grill to allow them roast for a few minutes. After roasting on the grill, twirl the hot dogs, spread on them cheddar cheese on the cut center and finally grill them while facing downwards.

Another snack you could consider preparing while out there in the woods for camp. To make a makeshift pizza, you will require a frying pan, because the pizzas are large. Also you will have to bake your pizza crusts the night before you leave for your camp. Otherwise, you could try getting the pizza crusts from the shops. Pack them on the frying pan to prevent them from breaking. For the pizzas you are required to carry along tomato paste that will be enough for all pizzas and a mixture of some Italian spices. More to this you can add cheese toppings of your choice. You could also get more toppings for the pizza. While getting the pizza crust, try buying those that do not need refrigeration. This you can find in most grocery stores.

When the time to have lunch reaches, build a fire probably by using coal and tree branches and allow the coal to burn down. Before the fire gets ready, spread your toppings on the pizza crust and sprinkle the spices on it. Cover the pan with an aluminum foil paper. When ready serve it hot.

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